About Us

Rigel Engineering is a private Italian company active in the development of software solutions in the areas of human-machine advanced, the decision support systems and multimedia database applications, with strong orientation to new technologies, Internet and commercial on the Web.
Our skills and our know-how, developed and consolidated through experience of industrial research in important international forums, management and coordination of research and development projects at European and national level, covering the following areas:
  • web applications and services developed with integration of graphical user interfaces and functionality GIS,
  • decision support systems, stand-alone or distributed over the Web, for viewing complex information according to different patterns of presentation (including GIS paradigm), prediction of future scenarios, monitor the situation ,
  • technologies, architectures and network protocols, EDI (Electronic Data Exchange),network management, network services (web, mail, DNS, FTP, …) and network security,
  • integration of complex systems at the level of technology, type system (GIS, RDBMS, middleware, user interface) and platforms (Linux / Unix, Windows, AS400) by use of standard mechanisms for communication and data exchange (XML, SOAP, Web Services, TCP / IP),
  • Development of man-machine interfaces, advanced graphics, with functionality specific (decision support, GIS, Web User Interfaces, applications for the disabled, …). Using user-centered approach based on early prototyping (early involvement of \ ‘end user in crucial phases of development and implementation).
  • Tecnologie synthesis and recognition vocale.
Rigel Engineering provides solutions for:
  • decision support systems based on GIS and web services for maritime applications, environmental (pollution monitoring and forest management),
  • systems for distributing multimedia content over the Internet, integrating Digital Right Management for content protection (IPR) based on encryption mechanisms, water marking and tracking of \ ‘user,
  • web sites accessible, equipped with this “third dimension”, which is that voice. This responsibility lies in a privileged way in the fields of \ ‘e-government, e-banking and e-learning (MyVoice® Net).
  • Applications for Disabled (email client for the blind, Spoken Music),
  • three-dimensional audio spatialization for the entertainment sector ( cinemas, theaters, theme parks) and multimedia production, applications and services for cultural heritage (artemania, Quickart®).